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The We Leash Story

Don’t you love the idea of going for a walk with your dog? You and your best friend strolling down the sidewalk, sharing the morning sun. It’s a wonderful concept – but it doesn’t often work that way, does it? What should be fun can easily dissolve into a drag…literally!  Ugh! Not to mention those times your dog goes full Cujo at passers-by. You know, the kind of display that makes you want to insist to the world that he belongs to the neighbors.

As a strong believer in the value of the human – dog bond, I felt certain we could do better. Walks are meant to strengthen your body – and your relationship – rather than putting a strain on them. Walks should be interactive. And they should be joyful. In fact, I realized that the happiest I’ve ever seen dogs on leash is when they were proudly holding a part of that leash or a favorite toy in their mouths.  Their people looked happy, too.  Best of all, they seemed engaged with one another.

So with that in mind, I designed the We Leash – a handle for people and a handle for dogs.  No more pulling or dragging.  And because the design helps prevent dogs from feeling restrained, they feel more secure and are less likely to react inappropriately on leash, such as to the sight of other dogs.

Easy for those dogs that like to carry stuff, right? But, what if your dog isn’t one to enjoy carrying things in his mouth? No problem! He can quickly learn the pleasure of a being able to take his human for a nice stroll. And given the benefits of the leash, it’s a lesson well worth him learning. I can show you how to help him understand that just by holding his attached leash handle or toy, he can feel safely, securely connected to his favorite person…instead of helplessly trapped at the end of a rope. This allows your dog a feeling of secure attachment and a sense of control that will reap benefits far beyond your actual walks. Easy, well-behaved dogs are those dogs who feel both secure in the love of their people and capable of exerting some measure of control in their own lives.  

You and your dog will love this leash…and the connection it brings to your time together.

Enjoy your walk!

Jennifer Arnold